Where have you been?



Happy New Year! (I think it is still ok say that)

The first two months of a new year tend to be my unsocial months, I call them my ‘hibernation months’. I think it is because I am like a bear, they are the coldest months of the year and I don’t really want to go out in the cold; I just want out stay indoors in the warmth. Ideally, a spell in the hot Caribbean would go down nicely. Also, the month of December is soooo busy with social events like pre-Christmas get togethers, the family Christmas day gatherings (which is not my Sunday norm), then New Year’s Eve – if you are like me party the night away and see the new year in with a bang. I am not complaining, but let’s be honest it is a month of over indulgence so, come January I am very much in need of a rest, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Anyone that knows me knows this is my usual January and February behaviour. Firstly, I tend to have a dry January which often to rolls over into February. I don’t do New Year’s resolutions per-say, I am more of a ‘set achievable goals for the year ahead’ type of person. I like to write down everything, so I get a book and write down my goals and aspirations for the year and then set myself monthly targets to help me achieve the goals for the year, ticking them off as I go along. Having them written down helps me stay on track, as I can refer back to them. If something does not get done on your monthly list, there is no need to mentally beat yourself up about it, just add it in to the following month’s list. Because with all the good will in the world life happens, and it is not always possible to complete your month’s list, but at least you have had a go and so long as you get around to completing it, that is all that matters.

One of my goals that I have achieved so far was to buy a camera. I wanted this so that I could stop taking pictures on my phone, as my phone memory is getting full, and I wanted better quality pictures for the blog. Another goal that I have ticked off was to get a new laptop, my old one was 8-9 years old and it was getting painfully slow – taking all day to load up (probably a slight exaggeration, but only slight). Both the camera and laptop were bought in the sales and are two things I have successfully achieved and ticked off the list.

I have been using this time, hidden away, to get healthy again (no crisps, chips, cake, any other carbs or foods with lots of calories) because it is not difficult to put on a pound or two in the month of over indulgence.


I realise that this is starting to look more like a food blog than a fashion and lifestyle blog, which I hope to address. Other than watching a play, going to a concert or going to a rugby match, I have not really been my usual ‘girl about town’ self. But, now we are near the end of February I am slowly coming out of hibernation and I feel ready and focused for 2017.