Vietnamese Summer Rolls

Ingredients: Severs 2 people (or 4-6 people as a light bite) and it is 2 of you 5 a day per person

6 x 22cm rice pepper sheets

3 inch cucumber deseeded cut into thin batons

1 x small carrot cut into thin batons

4 x radishes cut into sticks

40g super sprouts

Small bunch of fresh coriander picked off the stem

Small red cabbage shredded

Small bunch of rocket leaves

Sweet chilli sauce dipping sauce


1 Take one sheet of rice paper at a time and dip into a bowl of warm water for 5 seconds.

2 Place the wet rice paper flat on a plate

3 Add a little bit of each ingredients, length ways in the middle making sure not to over load them.

4 Then to wrap it into a roll, with the ingredients laying horizontal fold the bottom up over the ingredients. Then fold over the sides one at a time then roll. Repeat the process until all the ingredients have been used.

5 Serve with sweet chilli sauce and enjoy.