Twyning, Gloucestershire

Sunday 16th – Sunday 23 July 2017


After the recent Grenfell Tower disaster, my boyfriend and I decided we needed to get away for a week to clear our heads’. I only recently came back from a week’s holiday in Calpe – Spain, so a week abroad wasn’t really an option for me. My boyfriend suggested he take a week off work and we go to his parents’ house for a week’s staycation. I immediately thought ‘that could work’ and sounded like a great idea.

His parents live in a village called Twyning, just outside of Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire. Which consists of one village shop, one school, a caravan park, two pubs and no more than 100 homes. It is surrounded by fields and has the river Avon running through it. It is very picturesque!

Village shop


The school


Twyning Green


the Village Inn pub



Caravan Park



The Fleet Inn


The Fleet inn river seating area










I have been there many times before but only for a night or two, however I mostly stay indoors for the duration of my stay. I am not country girl, or into the country way of life, but I have never really embraced it. I am a Londoner born and bred – a proper city girl. I love living in the capital and city life, there is no place in England I would rather live. So, this was an opportunity for me to really experience the countryside, like a tourist.

My boyfriend made the necessary arrangements and it was decided we were off to Gloucestershire!

It was a lovely sunny Sunday when we packed up the car and drove out of London up the M4, towards Gloucestershire, via Swindon where we stopped off to see my parents. We arrived in Twyning just after 7pm and in time for dinner, where we spent the rest of the evening catching up with his parents.




Monday – was a nice hot and sunny day, I spent most of the day with my boyfriend chilling in the garden taking in the beautiful views. In the evening, my boyfriend, his father and I went for a walk down to The Fleet pub for a quick evening drink before dinner. The evening temperature was perfect for the evening BBQ that we had that back at the house, being a vegan, I opted for a salad.

Garden views



At The Fleet Inn





Tuesday – never one to miss a shopping opportunity I went shopping with my boyfriend’s mother in Cheltenham. It was a lovely sunny day and we shopped, had lunch and shopped some more. We must have been to nearly every shop in Cheltenham, it was a proper girlie day out and I enjoyed it.





Wednesday – My boyfriend and I went to look around the medieval town of Stratford-upon-Avon, the birth place of William Shakespeare. We went sightseeing like tourists, had lunch at the RSC rooftop bar and restaurant with views of the river Avon below, before taking a wonder along the river.

The birth place of William Shakespeare








RSC rooftop bar and restaurant


My lunch- a vegan salad



Rooftop Views




Down by the river Avon





Thursday – I stayed mostly in the village and wondered down to the river to take in the scenery and watch the cattle going down the bank for a drink from the river.



Cattle going for a drink while one of the locals going having a swim with their dog




Friday – evening the house got a lot busier with my boyfriend’s brother’s and sister’s family joining us; we went from 4 people in the house to 13. We had a big family dinner and played games. It was a lovely evening.



Saturday – While my boyfriend was playing golf with his brother and father. I decided to go for a wonder around the village around some places I had not been yet. While going down a country lane, I came across an opening for a field and decided to wonder in, only for me to get stuck in the mud. I couldn’t go backwards or forwards and with no phone signal I couldn’t even call for help; I had to get myself out. Fortunately, I always have my long umbrella on the back my wheelchair and had to use that to dig myself out. Once I was free, laughing at myself, I left the field and vowed never to do that again, as I carried on down the country lane.

That evening most of the adults went down the pub for a couple drinks before dinner. Back at the house we all had dinner then played games. It was so much fun!



Country lane



At The Fleet




Sunday – we had a family brunch before my boyfriend and I packed up the car, and then hit the motorway heading back to the hustle and bustle of London.



I had a lovely week in Twyning we really enjoyed it. The week was a mix of sightseeing and relaxation, it felt like a holiday. It was great to experience the English countryside, it was peaceful with fantastic views and most of the time the weather was lovely. It was the perfect week away and just what we needed.