Trend Alert – Neon



Yep, neon colours are back! You may or may not have noticed this revival of the 90s colour palette making an appearance in the recent months, but its going to be a big colour trend and it’s one that is going to take us through SS19 and into AW19.

If you are unsure what a neon colour is, then think of the bold and bright yellow, green, pink, orange, blue and purple pack of highlighter pens. Although, right now, it’s mostly the neon yellow, green, and pink making most appearances. I have seen a few items featuring neon orange, still to see the neon blue and purple, though I am sure there will be some around as we head into warmer weather.

I love neon colours, they are bright, bold, eye catching colours that are ‘in your face’ colours and can turn the most basic outfit in to a show stopper. Neon colours are playful and for those that like pops of colour, then neon colours are great options to play with. I like to clash the different neon colours together, e.g. wearing neon green with neon pink. Which is something I did when attending LFW the other week.

Here is a round up of some my neon looks I have been wearing in the recent months.




Briana Neon Yellow Roll Neck Jumper Dress Click Here

Cobalt Blue Bag ( Similar) Click Here

Layla Gold Twisted Circle Earrings Click Here

Collette Cressy Heels Click Here






Rea Neon Pink Cardigan Click Here

Trixie Black branded Cropped T-Shirt Click Here

Bleached Jamie Jeans Click Here






White Zebra Print Dress TALL Click Here

Cobalt Vinyl Zip Crop Jacket Click Here 

Neon Green Barely There Heels Click Here






Rea Neon Pink Cardigan Click Here

Kati Neon Cropped Jumper Click Here

Ripped Jamie Jeans TALL Click Here

Collette Cressy Heels Click Here






Tall Neon Lime Camo Cargo Trousers TALL  Click Here

Aurban Black Mesh High Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit Click Here

Black Lion Quilted Bum Bag (Similar) Click Here




Thank you to PrettyLitttleThing and Missy Empire for the gifted items.