Time for a Change


For the past, few months I fancied doing something different with my hair. In life, sometimes you want a change, you look in the mirror and you fancy a change.

I decided I wanted to colour my hair. I have never coloured it before, (apart from the fire red crazy colour rinse when I was in my early 20s) and my regular hairdresser doesn’t do colour, so I did my research into the colour I wanted to go for and what would be best for my skin tone. I decided on two colours brown/copper being the safe option or honey blonde been the more daring one.

After sharing my thoughts and intentions with my hairdresser… I found a salon and hairdresser I was comfortable with to do it. This was a very daunting process for me because I have loyally been going to my hairdresser for the last 24 years.

I found a lovely hair salon in Notting Hill called Leninha. They were very friendly and professional. I told them what I wanted done, that my hair is relaxed (chemically straighten) and asked if they catered for black hair? They reassured me they do and showed some pictures of their previous clients. I was very nervous, and it was obvious, but the hairdresser/owner Maria quickly put me at ease, as she explained the process for the two colours that I had picked. She then explained I would have to do a patch test 48hrs beforehand, which seemed sensible, I made my appointment for 4 weeks’ time all I could do is wait.

I went for the patch test 48 hrs before the day the colour was booked to be done. I did a patch test with the bleach to see if I could go honey blonde, but the test revealed that it would damage my hair. I did another patch test for a light brown colour (the lightest I could go without bleach) and that worked well and showed no problems. That was the colour I was going to use – by Loreal Richesse with no ammonia.

On the day of the colour I arrived at the salon on time. I showed Maria the hair cut I had also wanted, which was nothing too dramatic, it was a little shorter than normal and explained I wanted my colour ombre.

Once the colour was done and washed out I had a 30-minute treatment. My hair was then washed again, cut and blow dried. I was very pleased with the results and I had that ‘just stepped out of the salon’ feeling.

I am very happy with my colour and cut, it’s a subtle change but it is still a change. I feel great and I look great. They say change is good for the soul and I can see why. I feel energised and ready for the spring/summer.