The Sunday Times Alternative Rich List 2018

Sunday 13th May 2018


A few weeks ago, I was going out shopping in Swindon, with my mum and sister, when I received an email from a Times journalist. He said I had been nominated and then made the final selection to be put on The Times Alternative Rich List 2018.

The email explained he nominated me and an independent panel then selected me to be added on to the list. The Times Alternative Rich List is published on the same day as The Times Rich List. The idea is to showcase people who are rich in life and what they have done rather than focusing on financial gain, although some on the Alternative Rich List have managed both.

As you can image I was absolutely gobsmacked as I couldn’t believe what I was reading, and it was a total surprize. I had to read the email 3 times before I could make a sound. Then when I did, I did not make much sense to my mum and sister who were trying to understand what was happening. I replied to his email making sure it wasn’t some sort of prank and again a few days later making sure they had the right person. I then gave a short interview and sent a photo for a portfolio that would be published.

I may not be getting an award or anything fancy but to be added to the list is truly an honour.

The Times Alternative Rich List 2018 is published in today’s Sunday Times. So, go grab yourself a copy!




3 thoughts on “The Sunday Times Alternative Rich List 2018

  1. So proud of the achievements and for helping to bring EDS to the forefront of people’s minds also for encouraging others by reminding them they too can have a ‘can do’ attitude. Bless You

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words and support I really appreciate it. xx

  2. I’m reading this late at night in 2019 and I’m so proud of you girl your achievements make me so happy and who knew there was such an awesome list!

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