The Positive Side to Social Media

Jeani and I showing off our love of heels


Friday 27th April 2017


Since I have been blogging about my fashion and lifestyle. I have had a lot of positive messages from all over the world. They been via email or direct message on Instagram or Facebook.

The messages of support have come from “abled bodied” people as well as “wheelchair users” and people with other “disabilities”, the last few months have been over whelming, especially since I my story was printed in Chat magazine. A lot of people can relate to my story because I became a wheelchair user later in life and nearly 13 years on they can see the full happy life I live… And they could too…

I was contacted by a follower of mine called Jeani, who lives in Manchester, she was coming to London with her son and wondered if I would be up for meeting up with her. It was all very surreal, and I hoped I wouldn’t be too much of a disappointment for her. I agreed to meet her in the evening at Westfield London and went along with my boyfriend for reassurance.

She was such a lovely lady and within no time I felt comfortable to have a one and one with her. She told me her journey and how she came across me on Instagram, at a time she felt low and was giving up on life after 2 years after becoming a wheelchair user. She told me how I have inspired her to live life.

It was very touching to see and hear how I have helped her make a positive change in her life – by just being me and charting my life on my blog and social media. It inspires me too, to know that I have made a difference in someone’s life and encourages me to keep doing what I am doing.