The Notting Hill Life

Ever since I was a child, visiting the Notting Hill Carnival with my Grandmother, I wanted to live here; now I do and I love it! I have been living here for over ten years and it is a great community to be part of. There are many brilliant local shops and business, in the area, that I’ve been happy to frequent and have become a regular. Then there is Portobello Road, as the song suggests from the famous film Bedknobs and Broomsticks; “Anything and everything a truck can unload… You get anything you want on the Portobello Road…” enough said.


The Flowered Corner




On the corner of Lancaster Gardens and Ladbroke Grove is my local florist, where I am a regular. Jane, Wendy, Jadie and the rest of the staff are always very welcoming, friendly, helpful and I enjoy chatting and catching up with them while I am getting my flowers.

They have a great choice of cut flowers, indoor flowering plants and outdoor garden plants.





Portobello Mushroom Man




Tom aka ‘Mushroom Man’ is very well known in the area and has a stall located on Portobello Road, where he sells a large variety mushrooms and truffles. In recent years he has also started selling organic fruit and vegetables. I am a fan of the seasonal produce he gets in like wild garlic leaves and wild asparagus. Here I have bought, and enjoyed, different types of vegetables like purple sweet potatoes, yellow carrots and rainbow purple carrots.







This fruit and vegetable stall is also on Portobello Road, reasonable prices. I have been a regular here for a number of years. It is a family run business with Bella and her mum Cheryl at the helm. They are always very friendly and happy to help they have a large variety of good quality produce at and load the shopping in the bag on the back of my wheelchair.