T-Shirt Style




T-shirts are one of the most versatile wardrobe staples that one can have, yet they are massively unused to their true potential. Too often they are thrown on as an afterthought, when you are not sure what to wear or worse to play sport, but they can be so much more.

Firstly, a good fitting t-shirt that flatters your figure is so important. Wear the t-shirt ‘tucked in’ it will the illusion of a small waist and if you are big boobed like myself go for a fitted (not tight fit) t-shirt – as they are shaped to accentuate your curves. A V-neck can also be a good option too but stay away from box shaped t-shirts especially if you are big up top and small on the bottom, as this can make you seem bigger and top heavy.


Secondly, statement t-shirts with a bold print, logo or phrase on the front are great as they draw the eye to that part of the body. You can also use the colours from the t-shirt to bring the rest of the outfit together i.e. shoes, bag, etc. It’s simple styling that will have you looking fabulous.


Thirdly, a casual t-shirt paired with a smart evening skirt can turn it into a stylish daytime chic. It is a terrific way of getting the most out of your wardrobe by wearing items you otherwise rarely wear.


Lastly, the oversized t-shirt dress. This 90’s trend is in its second season revival and doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. The key to this trend is if it says it is oversized then buy your normal size, do not buy bigger, there is no need as they have already done it for you.

I love oversized t-shirt dresses! They are effortlessly cool and stylish without even trying, plus you can hide your “food baby” if you have over eaten and just let it all hang out. T-shirt dresses are versatile and look great worn with trainers, but my favourite way to wear mine is with peep-toe ankle booties, tie-up strappy heels or over the knee boots.


Hopefully you will never underestimate the value of the t-shirt again.


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