Spring Has Sprung






The daffodils are standing tall and dancing in the wind, the sound of the bird’s morning call is the soundtrack to the early sunrise. The days are longer and the clocks have gone forward any hour, yes spring has finally arrived!



Spring is a time of year I really look forward to. I am a summer baby and I am not keen on the cold dark days of winter (hence my Jan & Feb hibernation period). By the time March arrives I have had enough of winter and I am practically running towards spring, willing on that change in weather. I have put my winter coat away and refuse to wear opaque tights; this is when I like to wear lighter clothing and checkout the new spring/summer fashion trends.




Spring is also a sign of new beginnings, as baby birds hatch and leaves start to grow on the trees. Walks in the park become inviting with the sweet smelling brightly coloured flowers look fabulous in the sun – this is when alfresco dining starts looking appealing. It is also when your social diary for the months ahead start to fill up with summer festivals, garden parties, special occasions, day trips and summer holidays. There is just so much to look forward to and I am soooo ready to have fun in the sun.






Pictures taken in Regents Park London.