Selflove – The Journey




Love is an act and emotion we are happy to show and share with others in our lives, which is a good thing, but many don’t have that same love for themselves. They care more about what others think of them or worse compare themselves to others rather than celebrating their uniqueness and what makes them who they are.

‘Self-love’, ‘body confident’, ‘body positivity’ are all buzz words we hear a lot of these days, yet many don’t understand the meaning. These phrases don’t mean you’re selfish or self-absorbed, they mean you are comfortable and confident in yourself and you have a sense of self-worth.

Before I became a wheelchair user, I had no confidence and certainly did not have much self-love. I was a skinny 5’9 ½, straight with bigger boobs than where necessary for my frame. I wanted to look like everyone else, if I had the money to change what I looked like to fit in with my own mental ideal I probably would have done it. When I became a wheelchair user in my mid 20s it didn’t help at all. The little scrap of confidence I had disappeared and as I got more depressed with my situation, it got worse because I was grieving. Grieving for my old, a life I wasn’t even happy in, yet I thought that life was better than the future that lay before me.

Thankfully, I eventually stopped mourning a life I was unhappy in. Instead I accepted my new life as a wheelchair user, I became comfortable with my body, and in turn my confidence grew. I am now happier than I have ever been and that’s down to selflove.

Although my journey to selflove and positivity wasn’t an easy one, it was a journey that had to be made and it only started with acceptance. Not just physically but emotionally and mentally. As I have learnt that it’s not body shape, or size or even physical abilities that gives a person confidence its selflove and that only comes from accepting and being comfortable with who you are.






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