Rising Stars by Time Out

My mate Laura and I
My mate Laura and I

Tuesday 25th October 2016

Rising Stars is an event showcasing rock music performed live by up-and-coming artist. This month’s Rising Stars, hosted by Time Out, was held at 100 Wardour St in the heart of Soho in London.

It was a great night of live music, with a fab performance from singer/songwriter Alex Gibson and his band. Anyone that knows me knows that I love live music! The venue was packed and there was a really good vibe and the crowd ready to party.

Alex Gibson
Alex Gibson

100 Wardour St (formally The Marquee Club) is a lovely stylish venue over two floors. Wheelchair users don’t be put off by the stairs at the entrance; there is an accessible side entrance to the right. There is also a lift to take you to down to the basement to the club and bar, along with wheelchair accessible facilities. The staff were great from the doormen to the bar staff, they were all very welcoming along with the Manager Marvin. Ray Jones from Time Out is just a bundle of joy, welcoming and lovely as always.

Ray Jones and I
Ray Jones and I
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2 thoughts on “Rising Stars by Time Out

  1. What a wonderful review.
    Thank you for joining us , and for such positive comments.
    You are ALWAYS welcome at our events.
    Warmest regards to you and your readers
    Ray Jones
    Time Out

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