Kaleem Taylor with my sister and I



Saturday 17th June 2017


I have previously been to The Roof Gardens in Kensington, London, twice but only in the winter. So, when I saw that they have an annual summer music festival called Reverb, one in June and one in July, I was very keen to go. I spoke to my sister about it, as I knew she too wanted to visit the Roof Gardens in the summer, and booked our early bird priced tickets. All we had to do is wait for the date to arrive and pray for good weather.

The day arrived and thankfully the weather didn’t disappoint. It was a glorious hot and sunny day – perfect for an outdoor afternoon event!



There was an indoor main stage with live music performances, a DJ set outside playing summer anthems and a comedy stage with comedians doing stand-up comedy. There was also a BBQ, drinks stalls selling Pimm’s, champagne and cocktails dotted around as well as a main indoor bar and giant garden games such as Jenga.







Luke Friend a former X Factor contestant gave an impressive performance of four original songs and one cover. He really got the crowd going!

Luke Friend


My favourite performance on the day was by RnB singer/songwriter, from Hertfordshire, Kaleem Taylor. He has a beautiful voice and, accompanied by his band, he gave a fantastic live performance. The crowd loved him and would have been happy if he performed all afternoon, I know I would have been. After his performance, I managed to have a quick chat with him, not only is he talented, he came across as a lovely and humble guy. Look out for this guy I have a feeling he is going to be BIG!

Kaleem Taylor


The Roof Gardens have four themed beautifully kept gardens, one of which is a Wildlife garden with flamingos, amazing! All the gardens where full of people enjoying the hot sunny afternoon, you forget you are on a roof of a building in Kensington. There was a friendly crowd with a good mix of people of all ages and ethnicities.



















I had a lovely afternoon and I would certainly go back again. If you have never been to The Roof Gardens I recommend a visit – and soon while the weather is lovely.

My sister and I