Protein Chai Porridge



Chai seeds may look small, but when left in liquid 1-2 hours it thickens and sets. Which is perfect for this protein rich porridge to be done the night before, so it is ready in morning for a protein packed breakfast that have you feeling full until lunch. Containing 25g of protein per serving which is half of your minimum recommended daily allowance your already half way there to getting the protein you need for the day.


Ingredients: Serves 2 person and it is 2 of 10 a day per person

40g Pulsin pea protein powder (gluten free)

500ml coconut milk (or any other plant based milk)

2 tbsp chai seeds

1 x medium banana chopped

½ tsp vanilla extract


160g blueberries

Handful coconut shreds



1 Place the milk in a blender jug and add the protein powder and wiz until smooth.

2 Then add the banana, vanilla and the chai seeds and wiz for 5 seconds.

3 Then pour into bowls, cover and place in the fridge overnight.

4 Then the next morning remove from the fridge and top with blue berries and sprinkle on the coconut sherds and enjoy!


Tip: If having it straight from the fridge is too cold for you, you could remove it from the fridge an hour before you going to eat it so it is at room temperate or warm in the microwave for a hot breakfast.


Foodie Facts

Pea Protein Powder is rich in amino acids with similar levels found in eggs and dairy. It also helps the body absorb calcium and muscle recovery. It is also great way to fortify your foods like soups, porridge, pancakes and smoothies to make sure you are getting the protein your body needs on a plant based diet.

Chai seeds are a great source of omega-3, fibre, protein, lowers cholesterol and contain anti-oxidants.

Bananas have dietary fibre, vitamin-C, vitamin-A and potassium. It is also rich in vitamin B-6, magnesium, phosphorous and iron.

Almond Milk is more beneficial than dairy as it contains more nutritious. It is high in vitamin-A, vitamin-E, vitamin-D, fibre, protein and calcium.

Vanilla contains B-complex vitamins, calcium, potassium, and zinc.

Coconut is high in protein and saturated fatty acid which boosts good cholesterol in the blood which is good for your heart. It is an excellent source of copper, calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, potassium, zinc and B-complex vitamins.

Blueberries are full of anti-oxidants and are rich in fibre, vitamin-C, vitamin-K, manganese which help against heart diseases and cancers, helps with anti-aging, brain function and is also anti-inflammatory and reduces muscle damage.