PrettyLittleThing Tall




Calling all my fellow ‘tallies’ out there who are 5’10 and above, PrettyLittleThing has launched PLT Tall. Yes, that’s right, the popular online brand has finally recognised the needs of us tall gals and launched PLT Tall.

Ever since its launch a few weeks ago, with over 70 pieces, it has proved very popular with items quickly selling out – as fast as they are able to restock. It has probably taken the brand by surprize and maybe would have been something they would have done sooner if they had known how popular it was to become.

The PLT Tall collection is great! It features formal suits, casual denim, coats, party & evening wear and everything in between, but most importantly it’s trendy clothing at affordable prices. Of course, with it being PLT means the ‘New In’ stock sells out fast, but it also means new styles are constantly added which means you will always be on top of the latest trends.

Since the launch I have ordered a few items and to be honest I am impressed. The sizing has been correct and the items have fit perfectly. I made the mistake of ordering one size larger, only for it to be too big leading to me having to send them all back and reorder in my actual size. The clothing is the same good quality PLT standard, with it being everything I expect and know from the brand. Good Job PLT!





Tall Grey Checked Blazer Click Here

Tall Grey Checked Trousers Click Here


Same trousers different look…




Tall Black Faux Leather Biker Jacket Click Here

Black Mesh High Neck Long Sleeves Bodysuit (Not PLT Tall) Click Here





Tall Snake Print Slinky Midi Dress (similar) Click Here