My Spanish On Holiday Shopping





I love shopping and looking at fashion is one of my favourite past times weather it is browsing on online or in-store.

Living in Notting Hill means I am spoilt with options on where to shop. With Westfield on my door step and Oxford St and Kensington High St a short bus ride away. I am always checking out what’s “new in” whether its shoes, clothes or accessories. So, shopping whilst on holiday is not going to be far down the list of things I would like to do.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to get some inspiration and to get something different that you can’t find at home. Different cities/countries have different trends, why not have a look to see what gems you may find? You may find something that will go nicely with something you already own or you may find something you have been looking for but couldn’t find.

I wanted rose gold wedges to take with me on holiday to Calpe and I couldn’t find them, but I found them in Calpe – The Old Town. Since last year I have wanted a white cotton summer dress but could not find one cheaper than £35, I found one in Benidorm – Old Town for 8 euros. Bargain!

So, the next time you are on holiday, have a look in the shops you may be surprized by what you find.






White Cotton Dress from Benidorm Old Town

8 euros






Rose Gold Wedges by Primadonna

34 euros






Clutch bags from Benidorm Old Town

5 euros each





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