My Birthday Eve Girls Night Out 2017

Saturday 29th July


This year my birthday fell on a Sunday, which is probably one of the quietest (boring) days to have a birthday fall on. I wanted to do something to bring in my birthday and, with only a week a half to go, I decided to have a girl’s night out on my birthday eve.

After looking at various venues I decided that 100 Wardour St, in Soho, London. The venue is over two floors with a bar & lounge on the ground floor and restaurant & club in the basement, accessible via a lift. I booked a table for 5 people at 8pm, then sent out the WhatsApp invites giving the 7:30pm as the time.

On my birthday eve, it rained most of the day. Thankfully the rain stopped in time for me to leave my house in my, pre-booked, taxi which arrived late at 7:30pm, the time I should have been at the venue.

When I arrived at 100 Wardour St at 7:50pm. I headed to the bar area on the ground floor. The hostess came over and informed me that that two of my guests had arrived and that she would send them over to me. I went to the bar and ordered myself a glass of champagne – it was my birthday after all. At 8:30pm we headed down to the restaurant, one of my guests was yet to arrive but by the time we were shown to our table and got the drinks menu they arrived.

The restaurant oozed elegance and glamour, a perfect setting for my birthday eve girl’s night out. There was a singer performing live alongside keyboardist, singing soul and RnB songs from the likes of Shola Ama, Estella and more in a Bluesy style. Our waiter for the night was Riccardo, he was lovely and friendly, he really looked after us well.

The singer and her keyboardist





We made our drinks order and chatted with each other as we decided what to order. My friends had not met each before we sat for dinner, but after 10 minutes it was like they had known each other for years. We chatted and sang along to the songs we knew we were all enjoying the evening, it was a perfect blend of people.

The 5 of us all together



My sister and I




When ordered our meal we all decided to skip the starter and go for a main and possibly dessert. My main was made especially for me being a gluten free, vegan. When our meals arrived, my meal didn’t only look great but was probably one of the best risottos I had ever tasted!

Tomato risotto




After our main a couple of us ordered a dessert, I ordered the raspberry and lemon sorbet. When it arrived, it had a candle in it presented in a bowl with happy birthday written in dark chocolate. While my friends and the staff all sang me Happy Birthday.

Raspberry and Lemon sorbet




Once we finished our meal we settled the bill and moved from the dinner table to the to a booth. It was 10:45pm, all the dining tables were being cleared away as the venue went from restaurant to club, the dance floor area got bigger in preparation for the band that was about to start. It was a full band and they performed songs you would know from the likes of Beyonce and Bruno Mars to name but a few, in a jazzy, swing, soul sound. They were very good, they really got the party started and the crowd was really loving it. Everyone was dancing and having an enjoyable time. When the band finished at 12am there was a fantastic vibe in the club and it was then officially my birthday. The staff surprized me with a cake and candle and they along with my mates sang me happy birthday again.

The Band










My friends and I partied away to the music having fun, until around 2am, when we decided to call it a night.


My mate Keeley and I



My mate Lucinda and I








I had a brilliant birthday eve girl’s night out, at 100 Wardour St. They staff really looked after us and made me feel like a star. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, it was the perfect girls night out and a fantastic way to see in my birthday!