My Journey – Becoming a Model



When I was a young child I always wanted to be a model, a fashion model to be precise. At 16 years old I went to all the top modelling agencies in London, only to be turned away by all of them saying although I was tall (5’9) I needed to lose weight. I was a healthy size 10-12 at the time and yet they were saying I was fat. So, I decided that it was not going to happen for me and my dream of becoming a model was over, as I wasn’t about to lose weight to do so as didn’t feel I needed to.

Over the years since then I had thought about it from time to time but each time I put it to the back of my mind saying it wasn’t for me. Then Saturday 13th May 2017, my boyfriend and I went to my niece’s First Holy Communion in Barking, east London. On our way back home to Notting Hill west London I wanted us to go to Westfield Stratford for a drink to celebrate almost 1 year of me blogging. We were smartly dressed, and I thought it would be nice to celebrate although the blogs birthday wasn’t until the 15th May. My boyfriend wasn’t keen on the idea of going to Stratford but suggested going to Canary Wharf instead. I didn’t really mind where we went, so we went to Canary Wharf.

While we were wondering along the river in Canary Wharf, looking for a nice bar with outdoor seating area in the sun, two women ran after us. I thought I must have dropped something and they wanted to return it to us. They introduced themselves as Zoe and Laura from Zebedee Management, which is a modelling agency that represents people with disabilities. At first, I thought they were “pulling my leg”, but I saw they were serious. They said they were in London for two days and held casting for models to join their agency which is based in Sheffield. They said they were having dinner after a very long day when they saw me wheel past the restaurant they were in and decided to run after me and approach us, in the process, they left their business cards, phones, the lot in the restaurant. They then said they could squeeze me in the next day if I was willing to come to casting, take some photos and take it from there. I was unsure sure if they where genuine or if I would be able to because I had already had a long day and I needed to rest and recover. I gave them my business card, I told them I am fashion & lifestyle blogger, and that all my details were on the card asking them to send me the information and that I would think about it.

The following day, although I was tired and so much pain I thought this could be my one opportunity to fulfil my dream at becoming a model. So, my boyfriend and I went to the casting in Canary Wharf. There were two professional photographers taking photos and I had photos taken with them both. I was then presented with a contract which I read and signed – I was signed to Zebedee Management.


Over the months since then I have taken part in a two Team Zebedee campaigns which were shot in Manchester and a Zebedee Catwalk show in Sheffield I have also had various photoshoots for clients and portfolio updates since. My first shoot was for a company called Tskenya which is an online shoe company that specialize in sizes 8-13 UK being a size 8/9 myself and a shoe lover it was a great first shoot for me to part of. 

Team Zebedee Swimwear Shoot



Team Zebedee Red Carpet Shoot



Tskenya Shoot



I am really enjoying the whole experience, the last few months have been amazing and I am finally doing something I always wanted to do. Modelling as a teenage was obviously not the right time for me but it seems like the right time now because I am a more confident in who I am now as a person, something I wasn’t as a teenager. It just goes to show that you should never to never give up on your dreams, if it is meant to happen it will when the time is right you and I am thankful I have been blessed with the opportunity to fulfil mine.