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Going on a summer holiday is as good a reason as any to go shopping for summer clothes, not that I need a reason. It is always ways a good idea to get a few new bits and pieces to mix up with things you already own. That way your holiday wardrobe looks fresh, because everyone wants to look and feel great when they on their holiday.

When I was sorting out my Calpe holiday wardrobe, I knew I wanted to be casual but stylish by day and smart casual, trendy but comfortable by night.

I never take extra clothes, I only take clothes for the exact amount of days I am on holiday. I think about what type of holiday am I going on, what am I likely to be doing on the holiday and plan what I may wear when, so I am dressed appropriately. I have an ample collection of shoes and could easily pack a different shoe for every outfit, but you need to remember your luggage allowance. Therefore, bring shoes you will actually wear, and could be worn with different outfits, is key.

Picking you’re travelling outfits is just as important as what you are packing in your suitcase. Dress nice but casual just in case they want to give you a free upgrade to business or first class at the check-in desk. Think about where you are going on holiday and what time you land, for example if you are going to the Caribbean it is likely you will land late afternoon and it will be hot. I prefer to wear dresses when I am flying, because it is more comfortable and there is less restriction than wearing jeans. Plus, the airplane toilets are tiny, it is much easier to pull up a dress then pull-down jeans in a wheelchair in such a small space.


These are my Calpe holiday looks.



Flamingo T-Shirt by Oasis


Strip shorts by New Look





Shirt dress by New Look

Last year

 Tie from my

boyfriend wardrobe

 Shoes by Just Fab

Was £35 Now £19.95




Dress by Forever 21


Shoes by Just Fab





T-shirt Dress by Zara


Shoes by Just Fab

Was £35 Now £19.95




Blush Body by Forever 21


Joni Jeans by Top Shop

Two years old




Top by New Look


Shorts by Next

Three years old




Playsuit by Boohoo Tall


Shoes by New Look

Last Year




Top by H&M

Two years old 

Shorts by New Look





Dress by Oasis

Last year 

Belt by peacock

Last year

Sandals by New Look

Last year




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