Music for Mental Wealth – The Launch Party

Wednesday 24th May 2017


Last night, I went to the VIP launch party of Music for Mental Wealth, held in the basement (accessed via a lift) at Gibson Guitar Showrooms in Soho, London.

MMW founded by Laura Westcott, aims to raise awareness of mental health through the power of live music events, provide professional coaching programs and support for those who need it. 1 in 4 people develop mental health issues at some point in their lives, especially those in the arts and entertainment industry. The more successful they get the more likely they are to suffer with mental health issues. The aim is to get people the industry to talk about mental health, to get help if needed and to give those people who are upcoming in the industry, the tools to deal with stress and anxiety before it becomes a problem.

The night kicked off with an introduction from Laura, telling us why she decided to launch this community based project MMW, giving us an insight in to her own personal mental health issues caused by stress and anxiety in the past.

Laura Westcott founder of Music for Mental Wealth




The stage was then handed over to the host on the night Gail Porter, who herself has suffered from mental health issues. Gail gave us a personal insight into her own mental health battles while providing humour throughout the night.

Gail Porter



The first act on stage was singer/songwriter Melissa James. Melissa spoke about her own personal mental health issues. Accompanied by her pianist she performed 3 songs about her journey.

Melissa James


Melissa James’s pianist



The second act and my favourite on the night was Dani Syliva a singer/songwriter from London. Although she said she has not had mental health issues herself, she has family and friends who have. Dani also sang 3 songs and took us on a lyrical journey with her delivery, talking about feeling low after a bad break up.

Dani Syliva


Dani Syliva’s pianist



The last act of the night was by a composer and pianist Professor Mischa Dohler. Mischa told his story of dealing with mental health issues, and how the impact of stage fright and anxiety meant this was the 2nd time he performed live in 20 years! He went on to perform 2 original pieces of music on the piano and told a poem.

Mischa Dohler


Mischa Dohler reciting his poem



The launch of Music for Mental Wealth, which is a brilliant cause, was a great night of personal stories, live music and humour. All the performances were well received by a packed audience. I really enjoyed it and there was a good atmosphere in the room, it could not have gone any better.


My mate Laura and I