London Fashion Week AW19

Friday 15th – Tuesday 19th February 2019


London Fashion Week is 5 days of fashion shows, fashion presentations, events, exhibitions and parties. The schedule is intense but if you’re a fashion lover, like myself, and you are fortunate enough to get an invite shows to be part of the whirlwind that is LFW, then you will love it.

As always, the fashionistas were out in force, showing off their style and how streetstyle is done to the waiting photographers. I was also fortunate to enough to have photos taken by the waiting photographers liking my streetstyle fashion. To be honest the streetstyle can at times eclipse attention from the designs going down the catwalk.  


Photo by MK Kirilov



Photo by MK Kirilov



There was a lot of talk over the days, about the lack of diversity. Because although we’re seeing a range in races, heights and sizes there still weren’t many people modelling that had a disability. The only show that I saw that had models with a disability was the Mini Mode Kids Fashion Show. Although this topic was discussed with passion, from the attendees to the organisers, not much seems to be being done about it.

Aside from the streetstyle fashion and the subjects being discussed, I absolutely loved the designs going down the runways! Many of which I would wear. There were a few trends that are coming in now for spring/summer that will still be around come autumn/winter. Many designs from the designers seem to have become more wearable, which is great for consumers, as they try to implement some of the styles seen into their wardrobe. There were still designs that were a bit ‘out there’ for the more fun and adventurous fashion heads to get their teeth into, most of which will get watered down by buyers for the high street palette.

These just a few of my favourite shows and presentations from London Fashion Week AW19.


Mini Mode

Mini Mode celebrated its third season providing a unique spotlight on kid’s fashion during London Fashion Week, showcasing both established and emerging children’s wear designers from around the globe.








Jayne Pierson

The J’ayne collection is inspired by organic shapes created with perfect symmetry and balance. The show told the story of the contemporary woman who longs to reveal her most inner self, her dreams, her hopes and struggles. As she no longer wishes to conform to what is expected of her.








Rocky Star

Rocky Star’s AW19 collection creates a space where reality and fantasy merge. Inspired by Vatican architecture, the collection feature Rocky Star’s take on the painting – ‘Separation of light from darkness’, showcasing contrast of textures.









Atelier Zuhra

Atelier Zuhra’s AW19 collection, Infinity, is rich in colour and meaning. The ruby reds bring courage, life and passion, while the yellows underline new beginnings. The Green emeralds embrace love, re-birth and fertility. Blue sapphires remind us of the power of honesty and trust while the purple amethyst offers protection and healing.












ZL by Zlism AW19 Presentation

Zl by Zlism is a contempory unisex brand concentrating on ready-to-wear clothing. The AW19 collection named, “Who Am I?”, takes inspiration from exploring what consumers take from life. The eye-catching prints of explosive shapes, represent showing your emotions of happiness and sadness, with a bright contrasting colour palette neon colour set against a monogram background.








Dr Pam Hogg

Pam Hogg’s AW19 ready to wear collection was an erotic extravaganza full of whips and see-through catsuits making an appearance.








Dr Pam Hogg in the middle of her two models



I also attended the London College of Fashion x Powerpuff Girls event at Somerset House. The event was about the collaboration between London College of Fashion and the Powerpuff Girls, showcasing the inspired clothing collection. Held on the evening of the first day of LFW and after a long day of rushing around to shows and presentations, it was fun and relaxed event to attend.







LFW is not just about the shows but it is also about the connections you make with like mind people who have a love and passion for fashion. Although I attended the shows on my own, I don’t have a problem in doing so. I have the freedom to go with the flow, as I either meet up with people I may have met at the previous LFW and events or an Insta friend or simply get chatting to people I have just met. It was also nice that, I wasn’t the only wheelchair user on the front row attending some of the shows this season. There were a few of my fellow Zebedee Management Models also attending some of the shows, which was great.


My fellow Zebedee Management models Caitlin and Rafi



Amal Fashanu and I    Photo by Mk Kirilov



After all the shows, presentations, events and tight schedules that comes with LFW there was only one way for me to finish off LFW and that was attending the On Off London Fashion Week Closing Party at the W Hotel. It was a great party full of models, photographers, PR agency personnel, bloggers/influencers and generally anyone involved the in the industry. All letting lose to some great music and downing cocktails as we celebrated the end of a successful LFW.




L-R Savannah, Naomi, and Ana