Just V Show 2017

Saturday 8th July 2017



Yesterday I went to Olympia Exhibition Centre in Kensington, London, for The Just V Show. The Just V Show is an annual 3-day (Friday-Sunday) exhibition which also exhibits with The Allergy Show and Free From Show, so that’s 3 shows under one roof. I went last year for the first time and really enjoyed it. I found there are some great deals on items that can be a bit pricey in the supermarket, while being introduced to new ranges and products. With the tickets being free it has become annual feature in my calendar.

This year I knew what to expect from the exhibition, I was going to shop and see what was new in the world of vegan and gluten free. I already had an idea what I wanted buy which was just as well… Because I was resting and recuperating from the Damian Marley show at Somerset House the night before, I unfortunately I got there late in the afternoon. I arrived at 4pm and it finished for the day at 5pm, so I had one hour to do get the items I wanted and check out new products.












A lot of the stalls had sold out of some the ranges they had available and others where holding back stock for today (Sunday). On the plus side, there were better deals than earlier in the day with stalls offering more for your money and some adding in free items.



Although I arrived down there late, I am very happy I went. I still managed to get most of the items I wanted.