Grenfell Tower Disaster



You may have noticed, or seen on my Instagram, I have been away in Calpe, Spain (travel blog coming soon), which is why there has not been any blog posts in this past week and a bit.

While I was having an enjoyable time on holiday I woke up on Wednesday morning to what’s app messages with the horrific news of the Grenfell Tower fire. I live 2 ½ streets away from this block of flats and have taken many pictures for my fashion blogs outside this building sitting on the stone benches. To hear and then see pictures of this fire, taken from the road where I live, was truly shocking. I spent the last two days of my holiday reading updates about it online, however, reading it online and looking at pictures is nothing compared to going home and seeing this tragedy in my community. Despite the fact that I knew what I would be faced with on my return home, there was not anything that could have prepared me to actually deal with it. The sight, the smell, the feeling, the grief and the anger felt over something so horrific there was no way of being prepared for it.

Picture taken at the end of  my road



I have lived at my address for the last 6 years and I have always found the area to be very friendly, so doesn’t surprize me to see the strong community spirit with people coming together to support one another. The support and help from all over London and the rest of the country has been amazing to see.

People giving out food to the needy










Emotions are understandably running high and there are lots of questions that need to be answered. They must and need to be asked peacefully if the questions are to be answered. A full inquest with criminal charges is what is needed not a public inquiry, for those who have suffered the worst in this tragedy needs justice to be done.






Over the next few weeks and months, when the news crews have moved on to the next big story and people outside the community stop coming to help, those of us who live here in the community will still be living and dealing with the aftermath for months and years to come. The community will never be how it was, there is no getting back to “normal”, the community has changed and it has changed forever.

My prayers and thoughts goes to all those who have lost loved ones, the injured and all those affected by this disaster.

This must never be allowed to happen again!