Girlie Day Out in Cardiff

At Cardiff Castle


Saturday 22nd April 2017


Back in February, I was having a conversation with my mum and we were talking about how nice it would be for her, my sister and I to do a girlie day out, somewhere in the spring/summer. My mum then mention Cardiff and how much she had enjoyed her trip there back in December, it was a lovely city and it would be great to go shopping. Well… I was sold at the mention of shopping! We then worked a out date then contacted my sister to see if she was up for going and if the date suited her. On receiving conformation that she was up for it and she could do that date we booked the train tickets, we were going to Cardiff.

The day started very early and an accessible taxi to Paddington Station where my sister and I boarded the 8:30 am train to Cardiff with the help of station assistants. At 9:36 am my mum boarded the train at Swindon and joined us, we were now altogether for our girlie day in Cardiff and we were excited!

We arrived at Cardiff Central at 10:47 am with the help of station assistants we changed trains and boarded train for to one stop to Cardiff Queen Street which arrived at 10:59 am. I was the helped off the train again by station assistants, then we left the station. It was a lovely sunny day, perfect for a sightseeing and shopping day trip in Cardiff.

After wondering around the high street for a little while doing a bit of shopping, we stopped at the Cardiff Castle. There was a Welsh Army recruitment drive outside the castle and one of the soldiers kindly took some pictures of us outside the castle and I even managed to get a picture with him.


Cardiff Castle






The Soldier and I



We then stopped for a quick bite to eat at Pret a Manger before continuing with looking around the shops on the high street and doing more shopping in St David’s Shopping Mall, after all that is why we were there.



On Cardiff High Street






Around 6 pm we decided that we had done enough shopping, we decided to go to Jamie’s Italian dinner. It was my mums and my sisters first time eating at Jamie’s Italian and they enjoyed their meal, as did I. At 7:40pm we left the restaurant and made our way to Cardiff Central Station, as we were now closer to that station, taking a few more pictures on the way. We boarded the 8:26pm train with help of station staff, to Paddington Station. When the train arrived at Swindon we said are goodbyes to our mother and she alighted the train, my sister and I continued to London Paddington. The train arrived at Paddington Station bang on time at 10.44pm, I was helped off the train and my pre-booked accessible taxi was waiting to take us home.


At Jamie’s Italian



Vegan and Gluten Free – Classic Super Food Salad for myself




After our meal








At Cardiff Central Station



On the train going home with my shopping



I had a lovely family girly day out in Cardiff, we all did. The people of Cardiff were very friendly and I had no problems with accessibility, everywhere we went was accessible. Thankfully we had fabulous sunny weather, which also helped add to the enjoyment of the day as we were outside most of the day. Cardiff is certainly a city I would visit again maybe next time stay for a night or two.