Friday Night Out in Chelsea




After having a quiet September chilling, as I adjusted to the change of season from summer to autumn, my friend Laura and I decided to kick off October with a Friday night out. With Laura living in Chelsea and myself living in Notting Hill, we decided to stay local and go out in Chelsea.

I am a “Ball on a Budget” kinda girl! So, when I learned that the London Restaurant Festival was on from the 1st -31st October, featuring some top London restaurants with some fantastic deals via, I thought it would be the perfect way to start our night out. I found a great deal for Tom’s Kitchen in Chelsea – a 3-course meal, a glass of Prosecco and a tea or coffee (not that I drink tea or coffee) for £25 per person. What a bargain!! I immediately booked a table and advised I would need vegan and gluten-free options for one, which they were only too happy to oblige.

We met at the restaurant for our 7:30 pm table booking. The restaurant is light and bright with a casual style about it, perfect for a Friday night catch up over a meal. The restaurant was a little smaller than I imaged after seeing it on “Made in Chelsea”, but I guess everything looks bigger on TV! The staff was friendly and welcoming, nothing was too much trouble. The food was lovely and just the right size potions. I would certainly visit again!


Starter – RAW Small Plates – Fermented Carrots, Cauliflower Cous Cous, Cucumber & Fennel



Main – Beetroot Risotto



Dessert – Mango Sorbet



Laura and I after dinner




Outside Tom’s Kitchen




After our meal, we wondered towards the King’s Road, when we came across this pub called the Builders Arms. It looked very inviting under the moonlight so we decided to stop for a drink. The entrance of the pub had a step to go inside, as it was a mild night we were happy to stay outside in the seating area. So, Laura went in to get our drinks. We chatted had a laugh with others outside and was later joined by the lovely bartender Scot, who we chatted to while enjoying our drinks.




When we finished we wondered onto the King’s Road. We decided to check out The Phene pub on Phene Street (also featured on Made in Chelsea), but we passed the turning and ended up by the Albert Bridge. The bridge was all lit up with lights and looked pretty, and decided to take a few pics.










When we stopped our tomfoolery, we headed towards Phene Street only to find the pub was closing. Oh well, I suppose it was 11 pm. So, we headed towards the Kings Road where decided to stop at the Bluebird for a drink. When we arrived at the Bluebird we could hear music blasting. We went up to the 1st floor to the bar and restaurant, only to find it packed with people. There was a great party vibe which was totally different to my previous two visits.


We found some space at the bar where there were two bar seats available, which I sat on with my wheelchair parked beside me. I had a glass of sparkling wine and Laura had a cider, as chatted and enjoying the vibe.




There were a mixed group of people near us and one of the guys started chatting to us, it was all very friendly. After chatting for a little while, he decided he wanted a seat, he noticed my wheelchair and that it was empty. I saw him looking at it strangely, he then said, “it looks inviting and I want to sit down” I then informed him it was mine and that he could not sit on it. He stared at me blankly and said, “no it’s not” I then told him “yes, it is” we went back and forth a couple times until he realised I was serious. He then squeezed my knee, I said “don’t do that!”  He said “sorry” I replied “What did you do that for? I do have feelings in my legs” He then said, “you just don’t look…” thankfully he stopped, I knew what he was just about to say. He then said, “sorry I was out of order please forgive me”. I accepted his apology and he then decided to buy me a bottle of champagne to make up for his ignorance. Now, I love champagne but unfortunately, my mate does not, so I had a whole bottle to drink to myself… Thank goodness, I had eaten, otherwise, I ‘properly’ would have been drunk!













We ended up staying at the Bluebird and partied until closing. I then called for an accessible taxi to take me home dropping off Laura on the way.

We both enjoyed our night out in Chelsea, we had a laugh and it was just what we both needed. It was an ideal location, as it wasn’t far from home and was easy for us both. Although, I didn’t enjoy a banging headache the next morning!


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