Do it in Denim!




The 90’s fashion revival from last year (SS16) has continued and nothing has been left untouched, now it the turn of the humble old faithful Denim to have its 90’s makeover. Oversized Jackets, coloured denim, let-down hem, frayed hem, denim footwear and super ripped jeans are all back. Yet before you start going down memory lane, it has a very 2017 feel to it its subtle and a lot more flattering.

An oversized jacket in the 90’s would be 3XL and so big that you plus 2 of your mates could fit in it all at the same time. The oversized jacket in 2017 has already been made 2 sizes too big so just buy your size no need to go bigger.

Who thought we would ever see or even want to see a let-down hem or frayed hem jeans again, but it is big look this season. This trend you could just dip your toe in and get 1 or 2 looks in this style. In saying that I got frayed hem jeans from Topshop 2 years ago, so me adding a let-down hem to the collection is not so bad. Ripped jeans have been on trend for two years now and don’t seem to be going anywhere so adding a super ripped jean or 2 to my collection of 2 ripped jeans is a good move.

Coloured denim is another 90’s throw back and with more stock filling the shops for the warmer temperatures, in everything from jeans, skirts and jackets this is going to be a big look in the coming months.

Denim footwear was big in the 90’s, thankfully this time it is more tastefully done in 2017. With denim, barely-there (my faves) to over the knee boots, which looks great with an oversized t-shirt or sweater dress channelling my inner Yeezy.

These are my recent purchase in the denim trend.






Dusty Pink Super Ripped Jamie Jeans by Topshop


Let Down Hem Jamie Jeans by


Oversized Jacket by New Look 


Denim Barely-There Heels by Just Fab