Damian Marley

Friday 7th July 2017



My friends and I went to see Damian Marley at Somerset House, London, part of their Summer Series Gigs.


With my friends



To be honest, I am not a big listener of Reggae music. When my mate said she had bought us tickets for go see him, I could only think of two Damian Marley songs. Jamaican Reggae artist always perform with a full band and have huge stage presence, being a fan of live music, I knew I would enjoy it.

It had been a very hot summers day and the evening was warm, which made it the perfect setting for the outdoor gig by Bob Marley’s youngest son.

As we entered (excuse the pun) the cobbled entrance (cobbles are not friendly to wheelchair users), we were greeted by the sound David Rodigan MBE pumping out Reggae and Dub music warming up the waiting crowd.

David Rodigan MBE





In the raised platform area I met fellow wheelie and EDS-er Chloe



Jamaican Reggae singer/songwriter Black-Am-I was the supporting artist on the night. Born in the Village of Nine Mile, St Ann’s, Jamaica the same village as Bob Marley, Black-Am-I with his band gave a lively performance as he spread his message about love and unity. It was an insight into what was to come for the rest of the evening.






My mates and I in the crowd listening to Black-Am-I



As the sun was setting over Somerset House, Damian Marley burst on to the stage full of energy and the waiting crowd roared. Accompanied by his band, his performance was energetic from start to finish, no part of that stage was untouched by Damian. The crowd, as did I, enjoyed every minute as he performed his hits. He also had a small segment where he performed a few of his dad’s songs like ‘Exodus’ and ‘Could this be love?’ It was a fantastic! As the sun went down and the moon came out and the stage lit up in red gold and green there was certainly a feeling of peace and love among the crowd.

Damian Marley
















At the end Damian left the stage and returned for his encore where then performed his biggest hit ‘Welcome to Jamrock’. Just hearing the beat, the crowd went bonkers before he even started singing. It was a movie!



I was surprized at how many Damian Marley songs I knew, turns out it was more than two songs and at my last count it was twelve. I was singing along with my hands in the air, I was fully taken over by the Reggae vibe. It was brilliant, enjoyed it more than I thought I would and it was one of the best shows I had ever been to. If you ever get a chance to see a Jamaican Reggae artist live on stage, please do you will not be disappointed.