Come Mek We Larf

Slim and I after the show

Friday 13th October 2017


In the UK, October is Black History Month (BHM) and there are lots of different events being held throughout the UK to celebrate it. Entertainments and the Brent Arts Team came together to present, ‘Come Mek We Larf’ – Black History Month Special, at The Library Willesden Green.

I am a huge fan of Stand-Up comedy. So, when I saw the advert for this comedy show on Instagram, I thought what better way to the start weekend than with some laughter?! And at £12 a ticket it was an absolute bargain considering the line-up.

Heading to the comedy show




It has been some years since I last went to Willesden Green Library and I had certainly not been there since its swanky £10m redevelopment. It looked fantastic! The ‘Come Mek We Larf’ sold-out show was held on the 1st floor in the performance room. The event was hosted by fellow comedian and comedy teacher Mr Cee. Mr Cee did an excellent job opening the show and keeping the jokes and laughs flowing in between acts.

Mr Cee



The first act on the night was the very funny Darren Griffiths. Originally from Harlow, Darren spoke about growing up being the only black kid in his school, to becoming an adult and living in Wembley where he is no longer a minority.

Darren Griffiths



The second act was the hilarious Kevin J the only white man on the line-up. Growing up on the Broadwater Farm Estate in Tottenham meant he was used to being minority, being the only white kid in his school. Kevin expressed his love for black culture, influenced by the Caribbean and African community that he grew up in and still surrounds him.

Kevin J



After a short interval Stephen K Amos was up next. I had seen him many times on TV at Live at the Apollo, but never Live. Stephen was very humorous and spoke about his upbringing by Nigerian parents in south London.

Stephen K Amos



The headline act was Slim ‘The Comedian’, one of the best British black comedians around and my favourite on the night. Slim spoke about his childhood to Jamaican parents and the difference between what the kids now get away with their parents now, compared to when he was younger. He was hilarious, I laughed so much he had me in tears.




Each act on the night had about 30-40 minutes on stage which was great for the development of jokes. There was also time for the them to interact with the audience, (and not just the front row) with it being an intimate venue there was nowhere to hide, even if you were at the back.

I had a great time, I really enjoyed myself at Come Mek We Larf and I certainly did that. I laughed until my cheeks hurt.


Darren Griffiths and I after the show



Mr Cee and I after the show


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  1. Well Jel wanted to go but was working. At least a good time 2as had by you and other attendees x

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