Selflove – The Journey

      Love is an act and emotion we are happy to show and share with others in our lives, which is a good thing, but many don’t have that same love for themselves. They care more about what others think of them or worse compare themselves to others rather than celebrating their uniqueness […]

The Q100R Powerchair

    Back in February I had the opportunity try out and become the face of the a new electric powerchair, the Quickie Q100R by Sunrise Medical. Another Zebedee model and I spent two days trialling out the new powerchairs around Birmingham city centre – staying over in a Birmingham hotel nearby. The days were […]

The Real Catwalk

  Saturday 14th July 2018   The Real Catwalk is a Body Positivity campaign organised by Khrystyana Kazakova, who was on the 24th series of America’s Next Top Model. The aim is to get the fashion & media industries to become more diverse and inclusive, no matter your race, size, disability or sexuality, something that […]

Living With EDS

      This is a post that I have thought about writing for a long time, but I never knew when was the right time or felt ready to do so, until now. I have a genetic inherited condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) Type 3. EDS is a connective tissue disorder with characteristics […]

The Positive Side to Social Media

  Friday 27th April 2017   Since I have been blogging about my fashion and lifestyle. I have had a lot of positive messages from all over the world. They been via email or direct message on Instagram or Facebook. The messages of support have come from “abled bodied” people as well as “wheelchair users” […]

A Week of Reflection

    This week I have really laid myself bare, not in a naked way (well almost), but in a way of being publicly open and honest about who I am and the way I feel as a woman, not once but twice. If someone said to me 3 or 4 years ago this is […]