You would have to have been going around the shops with your eyes closed for you not to have noticed the gingham trend. It’s everywhere and on everything!  This check fabric was a big trend in the 90s and it is a big trend in 2017. Not just for the spring/summer 17 but […]

My Gloucestershire Holiday Wardrobe

      When I was packing for my weeks stay in the countryside I was hoping for pleasant weather, after all we are in July. Even though the British weather is unpredictable, I was thinking (hoping) for hot temperatures. I decided I wanted to go for the city girl in the country look – […]

The Summer Sales

      Yes, the summer sales are here and there are some great deals to be had, whether it is in-store or online. The summer sales are a fantastic opportunity to buy the items that you have liked and put in your “wish list”. Whether it is buying clothes (or shoes) to see though […]

Slogan Tees

      If you have been around the shops recently, it would have been hard not to notice the huge amount of slogan t-shirts around. Slogan t-shirts can be funny and/or cheeky or it could be about your beliefs or lifestyle. Personally, I like them as it makes a statement about who you are […]

Hiphop Tees, Is My Band Tees

    Band tee and t-shirts dresses is another trend from the 90s that is back for 2017 (I know feels like I keep saying it but it is true). Most of the t-shirts in this trend feature rock bands, although I like Live music of any genre, being honest this is not the genre […]