T-Shirt Style

      T-shirts are one of the most versatile wardrobe staples that one can have, yet they are massively unused to their true potential. Too often they are thrown on as an afterthought, when you are not sure what to wear or worse to play sport, but they can be so much more. Firstly, […]

My Springtime Style

    The transition from winter to spring is never an easy one especially when it comes to one’s wardrobe. It’s that awkward balance of wanting to wear lighter and thinner clothing. And let’s be honest after that mini mid-April heatwave then the temperatures briefly warming up again over the bank holiday weekend, we could […]


    You would have to have been going around the shops with your eyes closed for you not to have noticed the gingham trend. It’s everywhere and on everything!  This check fabric was a big trend in the 90s and it is a big trend in 2017. Not just for the spring/summer 17 but […]

My Gloucestershire Holiday Wardrobe

      When I was packing for my weeks stay in the countryside I was hoping for pleasant weather, after all we are in July. Even though the British weather is unpredictable, I was thinking (hoping) for hot temperatures. I decided I wanted to go for the city girl in the country look – […]