Vegfest 2017


Saturday 21st October 2017


This is my second year going to Vegfest and my favourite date in my diary, I just love it!

Going around the different stalls tasting the food, trying out the different skin care products, checking out the fashion and clothing stalls plus the opportunity to shop at whole sale prices. It’s a win win! 

Originally, I had planned to go to Vegfest on both days (sat & sun) but due to other commitments I was only able to attend on one day, and was only there around 2½ hours. This meant it was a very speedy look around and shop, not the leisurely day I had wanted at all.


Checking out the fashion as usual… These handbags are made from cork, pineapple skin and faux leather, amazing!



Organic vegan & gluten free brand Suma selling everything at half the price.



Came across this poster of fellow vegan, Grime artist JME



Trying out the skin care products.



These cakes are so good! I once went all the way to her bakery in Brixton for her cupcakes.



With all my shopping bags….




My shopping haul


Sometimes with all the good intentions and planning one may have, life happens, and things change. Although, I didn’t spend as long as I may have wanted, I still enjoyed it and I am pleased I went. Hopefully I will be able to spend more time next year.