​Enrico Delves​

Monday 19th September 2016

I went along to RnB singer/song writer Enrico Delves EP launch ‘Carefully Illustrated’ held at the Jazz Café in Camden, London. The night started off with supporting acts performing a mixture of Soul, RnB, Spoken Word and rap music. All acts were supported by the live band Nu Vibes.

Kicking off the show was the sweet soulful sound of Mya Gold. Followed by, the brilliant RnB singer Mich’el Pierre with his slow jams. The fantastic Lyric L switched up the tempo with her spoken word & hip-hop set, I loved this girls flow. Byron Gold followed with his soulful sound. Then Bow Promise gave a soft funky/neo-soul style performance, before a lively performance by the headline act the man himself Enrico Delves, performing songs for his EP Carefully Illustrated. Enrico Delves gave a great performance, even talking about the some mental battles he had, and took us on emotional journey.

The crowd was lively, enjoying the performances, and there was a really good vibe to the evening with people happy to party the night away. I had a great time at the fully accessible jazz Café, with fantastic music from talented singer/song writers from the UK. I would certainly recommend checking them out.